Dr J. K. Kaushal

Dr J. K. Kaushal ( M.D. (Chinese Medicine), Ph.D, M.A.c.F., F.I.Ac.S.), he has been practising chinese system of medicine since 1985. He is working with a team of Doctors from different systems of medicine to explore the role of alternative medicine in chronic and complicated diseases.


Dr J. K. Kaushal has been successfully treating patients suffering from Chronic & Complicated diseases through chinese herbal medicines ( Chinese System of medicines, Herbal medicine), since 1985.


Diseases reltaed to Heart, Liver Kidney, Brain, Sex Disoredrs, Nervous Disorders, Epilepsy, Migraine, Headache, Mental Retardation, Arthritis, Asthma, Allergy, Diabetes, Sinus, Hypertension & Chronic Skin Diseases Have been greatly benifited through this treatment.


These Medicines stop growth and spread of cancer without side effacts. This treatment is especially beneficial for those patients who become resistant to Chemotherapy and Radio therapy. these medicines also prevent recurrence of Cancer.

Dr Kaushal has been treating patients living in different parts of india & abroad. They are responding very well to this treatment, during the preparation of medicines we will only use herbal products, there no use of allopathic medicines, steroids or harmful chemicals.