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Chinese Clinic India a comprehensive, prevention – oriented Health care System is based on the ancient herbal health science as brought to link in chinese medicine and re enlivened by Dr J. K. Kaushal in its completeness. This system, rather than dealing with symptoms, addresses the deeper levels of physiological imbalances and thereby rebuilds and maintains health from its most fundamental level.Read More

Dr. J. K. Kaushal

Dr J. K. Kaushal ( M.D. (Chinese Medicine), Ph.D, M.A.c.F., F.I.Ac.S.), he has been practising chinese system of medicine since 1985. He is working with a team of Doctors from different systems of medicine to explore the role of alternative medicine in chronic and complicated diseases..

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Know Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a holistic approach to the prevention and cure of diseases, which is based on the order of nature and the restoration of balance and harmony. Read More

Herbal Treatments

In Chinese Clinic india, all treatments done by only chinese herbal medicines, There is No Steroids , No Allopathic Medicine and No Chemicals used to create any type of medicine, so it is 100% safe for your body. Read More


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Dr. J.K. Kaushal
MD(Chinese Medicine), Ph.D, M.A.c.F., F.I.Ac.S.

Chinese Medicine Clinic
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